• Man’s Best Friend Lends a Hand in Fight to Cure Cancer

    Registered Vet Tech Tammy Hawkes (left) removes a foam pad as radiation therapist Colleen Walsh (center) comes to help Registered Vet Tech anesthetist Beth Piojda as she carefully lifts canine patient Buddy, an 11-year-old Wheaten terrier, at the NC State Veterinary Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, March 3, 2016. Photo:

  • A Heartwarming “Thank You” From Daniel and Precious in TN!

    Donations matter – a great deal. Everyday we hear from people who are so grateful that they can save their cherished animal companion from the ravages of cancer.  “I’m Daniel and this is my dog Prescious….I found Prescious tied up to a tree behind a house all alone with no

  • The Barking Market


  • Rawhide Bones are Dangerous!

    THE MOST DANGEROUS PET CHEW EVER: RAWHIDE! Rodney Habib – Pet Nutrition Blogger How can one of the most popular chew sticks on the planet be so dangerous for your pets, you ask? I mean, most dogs chew on rawhide for hours on end, and not only does it keep

  • Adding Human Food to Kibble?

    HERE’S WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO ADD FRESH “HUMAN FOOD” TO YOUR PET’S KIBBLE Today, ninety-six percent of pet owners around the globe are feeding dry commercial pet foods. Of those 96%, there is a large majority that believes dried commercial pet food is really all their pet needs