• Magical Meatie

              I have also solemnly sworn this: All bets are off, everything tilts on its axis and changes, the very minute one of his doctors informs me that they think Meatball is in pain.  I will never, ever let him suffer, no matter how much it

  • Angus the Awesome

      Angus came into my life in September 2006. I adopted him from a humane league when he was a pup at only 4 months old. He instantly became my best friend and has come to know and understand me better than anyone else in my life. To make a

  • Libby the Lovely

    This is the story of my Libby. October of 2012, a friend of mine had mentioned that she had found a stray pitbull. I was hesitant to take on a dog, especially when my wife was away on deployment to Japan. I talked to Lacy (wife) about it, and after

  • Bandit Ingliss is Bada**!

      Daisy is ready for her first round of chemo! She is being such a brave girl and we are ready to kick Cancer’s butt! Thanks RCF … This wouldn’t be possible without your generous gift to us! To make a donation for Bandit and Daisy please visit our donation