Homecoming Book Signing

On a dark fall evening, the family dog Shafer is enjoying a ride in the car when he suddenly finds himself stunned and on the ground while the family car disappears without him. Frightened and thinking he is all alone, he discovers that his woodland friends – Shamir the Deer, Sherlock the Hawk, Myrtle D. Turtle and Howell the Owl – are there to help him. Meanwhile, Shafer’s mom and dad have their friends and a very special tracking dog named Harper to help them find Shafer. Based on a true story, Homecoming: Shafer’s Tale of Lost and Found is a heartwarming story of a lost dog, a family determined to find him, and the meaning of home and family.

100% of all proceeds from sale of Homecoming will be donated to animal charities!

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Theresa D. Tillinger is a retired educator who had recently moved back to her home state with her husband when their dog became lost. Inspired by the events that unfolded and the outpouring of support by friends, family and her new community, she was inspired to tell their story in this delightful children’s book.

Patti Bowman Freeman is a retired businesswoman and avid animal lover and mother of five golden retriever rescues. She and Theresa had just recently met when Shafer became lost and she sprang into action. Without her support and encouragement during the search and writing if the book, Shafer would not have been found and the book would not have been written.

Jason S. Brock and his wife are new parents to their dog Axel. Jason is a talented graphic designer whose obvious gifts brought Shafer’s story to life.