• Miracle Minnie

      I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. Over the past year that I’ve had her, she has helped me through countless panic attacks. To make a donation for Minnie please visit our donation page and make sure to list Minnie’s name as the donation recipient or

  • Quincy is Quite the Fighter!

      I am a single working mother of two school-age children and simply cannot afford the cost of his treatment. Quincey is like my third child and the fact that I can’t pay for his treatment breaks my heart. To make a donation for Quincy please visit our donation page

  • Astounding Allie

      By July she developed a large mass on her lower right jaw which was biopsied. Our worse fears came true. As suspected, it was a fast growing squamous cell carcinoma which needed immediate, emergent resection at a specialty hospital. To make a donation for Allie please visit our donation

  • Magical Meatie

              I have also solemnly sworn this: All bets are off, everything tilts on its axis and changes, the very minute one of his doctors informs me that they think Meatball is in pain.  I will never, ever let him suffer, no matter how much it