Our Mission

To provide hope, knowledge and funding for owners of companion animals diagnosed with cancer.

Treatment Grants

Funding cancer treatments for pets is the core of our mission. Owners who can’t afford to pay for treatment expense should never have to make a decision based on finances but rather the best care for their pet.

Online Resources

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming whether for a human or animal family member. We will gather any relevant resources we can and post in our library to help owners looking for information and answers.

Community Support

Sometimes the best support comes from someone who has gone through what you’re going through – and to that end RCF facilitates an online forum for pet owners looking for answers, support and information.

Our Mission Goals

Help Animals Facing Cancer

Pets can recover from cancer just as we can – often the treatments are the same and give a long life.

Help Find Cures

RCF partners with national organizations who are leaders in the comparative oncology field.

Keep Families Together

We feel that, as guardians, our pets should be treated as family members and given every opportunity to thrive.

See What Hope Can Do

Cancer is a scary diagnosis for anyone – but there are many treatment options and we're here to help you find them.

A Place to Learn

Clinical trials, oncology veterinary clinics, cancer diets and any cancer information – we're putting it all in one place for you to use.

A Place to Heal

Sometimes talking to people who have had the same experience you have is the best remedy for finding solace.

RCF Board of Directors

Mark Tillinger

Huffington Post Articles by our co-founder and president, Mark Tillinger: You Don’t Get a Day Off When Your Dog Dies My Four Legged Inspiration Fighting for Our Best Friends  

David Duchemin

Heather Witt

James Marpe

Gerald Post, DVM

Bryan Collins

Stacey Balkin-Larsen

Amy Nenner


Become a Volunteer

Our board members are the heart and soul of our charity – forever dedicated to supporting our mission to its highest potential in a tireless effort to help as many as possible.