The impact the Petco Foundation grant has on the Riedel and Cody Fund generally and our clients specifically cannot be overstated. Our message of “hope” can only come from being able to help owners pay for life saving treatment or providing information they need to make life saving decisions. The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Foundation have supported our efforts in many ways and the more than three hundred families touched by their life saving grants have been so thankful.

We are currently funding over 90 animals since the first Petco Foundation grant in 2012 – many are still going strong living long and healthy lives.

This is from our recently funded applicant Daniel McDow:

I’m Daniel and this is my dog Prescious….I found Prescious tied up to a tree behind a house all alone with no human interaction except at feeding time. I would go by and bring her straw and toys. After a year I talked the owner into surrendering Precious over to me. After taking her to the vet we found out she had heart worms. Prescious went through those tough months of heart worm treatments and did well. Two months ago we discovered that Precious has cancer with numerous huge cancerous tumors on her belly. Many bloody and the size of golf balls. Knowing it would cost thousands of dollars to get Precious treatment I felt hopeless then I was told about the Riedel & Cody Foundation. I contacted them and they were so kind and understanding. After applying for the grant we found out that we were approved and that Precious has a 2nd chance of life. Please support this foundation as they help so many across the country. Daniel McDow Nashville, Tennessee

And this from Christine Nicole:

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my beautiful dog, Kismet, a recipient of a Riedel & Cody Fund grant from 12/2014. It has been about 1.5 years since Kismet had a large fibrosarcoma removed from inside her head (resulting also in the removal of her left ear), and about 14 months since she completed 4 weeks of radiation treatment. She is doing AMAZING. She has been going for oncology appointments at Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center of Westbury every 3-4 months and Dr. Linderman has been taking such wonderful care of her. Kismet has been so happy at home – she loves going on road trips with us to Vermont, she enjoys the New York snow, and she loves going for long walks. We are SO grateful to The Riedel & Cody Fund for giving us this extra time with Kismet, and are grateful for each extra day, week, month and year that we have with her. Thank you and saying prayers and sending good vibes to all the other pets who are going through rough patches!

Most of our applicants are seniors, veterans or disabled and their cherished companion animal is the only family they have left. Euthanizing a beloved pet because there isn’t enough money to treat for those on fixed incomes is a staggering decision and one we don’t want people to have to make.

What is your organization’s mission and what are your key initiatives?
Our mission is to fund cancer treatments for owners who cannot afford them when their pet has a good chance of survival and quality of life with treatment. Our key initiatives are funding treatments, education and awareness about animal cancer prevalence and prevention, an online resource center and establishing strategic veterinary partnerships.

Why is pet cancer of particular interest to your organization?
Our organization only funds pet cancer cases, at this time, because our charity founders started the organization after their own dogs were diagnosed and treated for cancer. Statistically cancer is a common diagnosis, for both humans and pets, and the public is largely unaware that their pets can be diagnosed with cancer much less cured of it.Our fundamental belief is our companion animals are family members and no one should have to make the decision to euthanize a pet who could otherwise thrive with appropriate treatment only because they cannot afford the cost of treatment. The decision to end a life instead of treating and giving hope for a full recovery would be devastating for any loving pet owner.

Watch our Video to Meet our Founders and Hear our Story:

The Petco Foundation has served as a voice for companion animals across the country since 1999. Today, with more than 8,000 local animal welfare partners across the country, the Petco Foundation donates approximately $15 million a year to make a difference in the lives of millions of animals. The organization is funded through donations raised during fundraisers conducted in Petco’s more than 1,300 stores across the country, as well as from Petco associates, vendors and corporate contributions. Money raised helps fund animal welfare organizations, spay and neuter efforts, animal-assisted therapy programs and humane education. The majority of the funds raised remain in the communities where they were raised, as well as animal welfare efforts nationwide.

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