• SA: A Shot against Cancer Slated for Testing in Massive Dog Study

    By Keridwen Cornelius on June 7, 2018 Stephen Johnston dreams of a future in which humans could protect themselves against all types of cancer with a single shot. As the biochemist envisions it, this prophylactic injection would train the immune system to pick off cancerous cells before they could mobilize

  • It’s That Time of Year..

    Once again Dogs Naturally Magazine offers great advice for not only treating different canine ailments but also preventing them. Read through this article on how to look for and prevent skin cancer in your best friend!   Dog Skin Cancer: Natural Options That Work

  • What if They Ate What We Ate?

    We believe that high quality food is healthy for humans AND their pets. If we all ate better we would be healthier, there is no doubt or controversy about that. How about making treats for your dogs they will love and they’ll be healthier for it. Check out Pawsomeoldies.com cool

  • A Beautiful Lawn is Killing Your Pets

    Think of walking through your lawn barefoot and having your face six inches from the ground after you’ve just spread weed killer. Doesn’t sound like it would be so healthy right? But your pets walk on the lawn and absorb whatever you’ve put on the lawn through their pads. Thanks

  • A Map of Life and HOPE!

    Each heart represents a cancer treatment grant given in 2017. Thanks to generous donors from around the country RCF has paid for life saving cancer treatments to these beloved companions. Click on each heart to see a picture and read the story of each companion animal bravely fighting cancer.