• Warriors – We Need YOU!

    We have a big goal for the remainder of 2017: to raise $20,000 for our cancer treatment fund and we KNOW you can help us!

  • There is a Better, Healthier Choice for Your Dog’s Food!

    Rick Woodford has published two books with recipes for making your dog food and the results are amazing, read his story: “A few years ago my best friend, Jackson, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Even before the diagnosis was made it was obvious that my dog was quickly going downhill and

  • Rodney Habib’s Dog Cancer Series

    DOG CANCER SERIES – BY RODNEY HABIB Rodney Habib has a passionate mission: to reveal the man-made menaces impacting the health and well-being our beloved pets everyday. Pesticides, vaccines and, yes, food all contribute to a staggering cancer rate in our companion animals: one in four. There is no greater

  • What veterinarians wished you knew before euthanizing your pet

    At 14 years old, Barky, our family dog, had survived cancer and blood disease thanks to a combination of heroic veterinary efforts and just plain good luck. Then, she developed congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a terrible condition. The dog’s heart can’t pump blood through the body very

  • Dogs with Lyme disease may offer early warning for humans

    Each year, up to 30,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease are reported to the U.S. government, and researchers estimate the true number of people diagnosed with the debilitating illness is at least 10 times that many. Still others go undiagnosed, as physicians have struggled to come up with a foolproof