How to Apply to RCF

 *PLEASE NOTE: we only fund chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

  1. Determine how much you can reasonably afford to spend for your pet’s treatment from your existing resources, via loans or Care Credit.  If you decide to proceed to ask for financial aid, RCF will complete a confidential review of your resources. We will then advise you if we can provide financial aid.  It is important to note that even if you receive aid, you should be able to provide post treatment medical care, as appropriate, without our help.
  2. Submit a Completed Application — All additional documentation MUST be uploaded for your application to be considered complete. You and your vet will need to work together to complete this application.  Please contact your vet and ask them to check their email for a request from us for information on your pet.
  3. RCF Board Review — Once the application is complete, we will confirm all veterinary/oncology information with the vet/oncologist and complete a financial review. At this point the application will be reviewed by RCF’s Board of Directors.
  4. Notice of Decision — Our funds are limited and unfortunately it is impossible to help all applicants. A completed application does not guarantee that we will be able to donate funds, nor does a denied application indicate a lack of compassion or desire to help — it simply means that we cannot help at this time. Financial assistance will be awarded at the sole discretion of RCF’s Board of Directors.
  5. Funding — If an application is approved, we will contact your vet and request that invoices are sent directly to RCF to be paid by our organization. All payments go directly to the veterinarian based on newly submitted invoices which are dated AFTER approval of the application.  Invoices are paid monthly, on the last Friday of the month.
  6. Weekly Updates to social media — We require all approved applicants to post weekly updates to our social media page on Facebook as well as to other sites sent in the approval email.
  7. Questions? For help please email

We do not offer financial aid to animals other than a cat or dog with cancer.

Please note the following policies:

  • Confirmed Cancer Diagnosis Needed — You MUST have a confirmed cancer diagnosis from a board certified veterinary oncologist to have your application reviewed.
  • Payments to Vets Only — Financial assistance, if awarded, will be paid directly to the Veterinarian, Clinic or Hospital providing services and will not be paid to the applicant.
  • Only Future Bills Considered — We can only consider charges that are incurred once an application is APPROVED. Any charges that are incurred before this date cannot be considered. We do not reimburse any payments to Care Credit, personal credit cards or your veterinary hospital.
  • WE DO NOT FUND SURGERY EXPENSE – Please note that we do not fund the expense of surgery. If you need financial help paying for a surgery please review the list of available funders in our resource library.