Support & Information Groups for Pet Parents

There are great groups on Facebook  – and probably others – that address companion animal cancers and they have extensive information and members who are willing to give you their advice or information based on their own experiences. Here are a few listed here, if you find more please email and we’ll keep building the list!


Note: search on the full title below in your Facebook account ‘Search’ bar:

Facebook Groups:

Most if not all of these groups are “closed” or “private” and they are run by people who started or “administrate” the page. You will often have to answer a few very short questions about why you want to join the group. RCF has no influence on these groups or their administrators, this information is posted only to help you navigate this confusing and scary diagnosis with the help and support of others who have faced the same circumstances.


Welcome! This group has been formed as a companion to the website. We are a support group for people whose dogs are currently battling cancer or have faced this awful diagnosis in the past. We want to share relevant information about the disease and provide emotional support to those who need a friend that understands what it’s like to have a dog with cancer.

Holistic Help for Dogs with Mast Cell Cancer

This group was established in 2006, and since then, has shown and proven that chemo is not the best choice when fighting mast cell cancer. A diet rich in lysine, cancer fighting supplements, and alkalizing enzymes of foods that contain them facilitates natural healing of the body. New natural discoveries along the way have been added as science progresses and supports it. The articles and personal experiences posted are for informational purposes only. This site is to help members make the best choices for the health of thier best friend when confronted with the number one cancer killer of dogs.

Support Group for Parents of Pets with Cancer

Having a pet with cancer is a hard road. In this group we try to lighten the burden by supporting each other.
Our focus is on providing emotional support and sharing our experience.

Homemade Hope for Dogs-Holistic Healing

This group was originally created because I was having success treating my handsome boy Kumo at home with holistic remedies but when I tried to tell people in other cancer support groups, my message of hope clashed with their mainstream beliefs. We are truly a holistic group so there will be no recommendations of anti-cancer vaccines, surgery, chemo, radiation, over-the-counter or prescription drugs. We are caring for our furry family members without all the fear or financial burden which is often associated with frequent trips to the vet or long term treatment plans. We believe that after all life saving measures have been taken there is time for careful consideration.

Diet & Supplement Protocols for dogs – A Holistic Approach

We want to offer alternatives to people who are dealing with the death sentence diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. We believe the more we share about anecdotal evidence of what IS working, the more we can make a difference in the lives of dogs that will LIVE with this cancer, not just survive, but THRIVE!!

Dog Cancer Series Community

We are a community built around the Paws For Change Foundation and The Dog Cancer Series documentary by Rodney Habib from Planet Paws and Dr. Karen Becker, DVM. Series 1 looks at ketogenic diets and their use in the prevention and management of cancer. The group is focused on Rodney & Dr Becker’s proactive and preventative approach to wellness and longevity and is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where kindness is top priority.

Holistic Dog Care

Holistic Healing & Wellness for Dogs & Cats

Raw Feeding Advice & Support



Tripawds is the best help center for your tripod dog or cat. This is a user-supported community for sharing your story and learning about amputation and bone cancer care for pets.