Understanding Pet Insurance

As pet owners face mounting veterinary bills the idea of pet insurance gives some comfort for not much money per month. Click on the link below to look at the top pet insurance providers and make a choice that’s right for your best friend.

When you are shopping for pet insurance, it’s important to understand that not all pet insurance companies are the same. Price can be misleading because a cheaper policy is worthless if it doesn’t cover your pet’s emergency visit.
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1) Cover the Unexpected, not Routine Check-Ups: you don’t actually want your plan to cover run of the mill vet visits. This sounds counter intuitive, but if your plan covers things like routine vet visits, you’ll pay a good amount more through higher premiums. So, strange as it sounds, you actually do not want routine vet visits covered.

2) Read the Fine Print:  All policies seem to look the same, which means you really have to read the fine print. The Times did an in-depth article on what to look for.

Key takeaways from this article are that broad coverage, big ticket item coverage and immediate payouts (as opposed to scheduled payouts) are a must! They also picked Healthy Paws as #1. Read more here.

3) Read Reviews: You can’t learn much about pet insurance from Yelp or the Yellow Pages, so we have looked at the top pet insurance reviews websites and ratings with the BBB to calculate our ranking.

4) Old Dogs are More Expensive: The vast majority of dogs have problems after the age of 7 but nobody will cover pre-existing conditions. Get insurance now while you’re still eligible!