Miracle Minnie

I know every pet owner that is requesting assistance from you loves their pet tremendously, but Minnie truly means so much to me. From the moment I adopted her, she has been my best friend. I bonded with her instantly at the PetSmart where we adopted her. When I first found out she had the feline leukemia virus, I was devastated. However, she seemed to be doing fine for several months after that. Just yesterday though she again tested positive for the virus. We learned that she had fluid on her lungs. I knew my husband and I had no extra money for vet care, but I knew I couldn’t wait any time to get her help. My husband and I both applied and got $500 from Care Credit to begin her medical care. At this point we’re not sure where we will get any money to continue her care. I just know that I will do anything to give Minnie any chance she has.


I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. Over the past year that I’ve had her, she has helped me through countless panic attacks.

To make a donation for Minnie please visit our donation page and make sure to list Minnie’s name as the donation recipient or use the YouCaring box above for a donation. We thank you and, most importantly, Minnie thanks you![/one_half]