Astounding Allie

The foster home said they knew we were the forever family for Allie and we loved her immediately. We picked her up on Memorial Day. Our first dog and probably Allie’s first home! Our first visit to the vet was early June and Allie was estimated to be four years old and had just had a litter of puppies when found on the streets of NYC. Our vet said that she may never have known anything but the life of being in a kennel and used for breeding …or worse. She is a pitbull. She had so much to adapt to but quickly became very attached to us. We had just started to work through some of her behavioral issues and noticed a small lump.

Allie has now had her lower right jaw removed. The oncologist and surgeon said the margins were narrow and she is in need of chemo therapy to keep the cancer in check. During this time, we were just beginning to get adjusted to our new family member. Although her needs were many and we have only had her a short while, our love for her outweighed the concerns for abandoning her medical needs. She is our forever dog and we are her family.


By July she developed a large mass on her lower right jaw which was biopsied. Our worse fears came true. As suspected, it was a fast growing squamous cell carcinoma which needed immediate, emergent resection at a specialty hospital.

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