RCF Funding Questions

Can I apply for financial aid to more than one source?
YES! We encourage you to apply to as many funds as you can and to begin fundraising on your own. We have a listing of FUNDING SOURCES for you to review and use as well as FUNDRAISING IDEAS to organize on your own.

Can I apply for financial aid if my family vet diagnoses my pet has cancer?
No. You must have received a diagnosis and treatment plan from a board-certified oncologist or a specialist in integrative veterinary medicine.

Are any of my expenses covered in getting my pet to a treatment center?
No, we do not reimburse owners for any expenses, only the oncology veterinarian.

If my pet already had surgery can I be reimbursed for those costs?
No, we do not reimburse for expenses which have been incurred prior to the grant submission, nor do we pay for the costs associated with surgery.

If I’m approved for a grant but want to change my veterinarian is that possible?
It is but your new vet must submit their information via our online veterinary treatment and diagnosis form.

Will RCF pay for any alternative or holistic care for my pet?
Yes, if you have the practitioner complete our online veterinary treatment form.

If I raise money for my pet’s cancer care should I send it to RCF or keep it to pay costs myself?
It depends on if your contributors want or expect a tax receipt for their donation – if they do then you may send us the money with the donors name and we will send the funds collected to your oncology vet and issue a tax receipt for your donor.

How long does it take to learn if I get financial aid?
That depends on you. After meeting the initial qualifications, you will need to fill out an application and submit it, along with your pets medical records and proposed treatment plan from a board-certified oncologist or a pre-qualified specialist* in integrative veterinary medicine. When we receive your completed application and records they will be reviewed by our board, which will decide either to offer financial aid or to decline your application. We review applications on the first Wednesday of every month.
*RCF will pre-qualify the specialist.

Can I be denied financial aid?
Yes. We receive hundreds of requests for financial aid. We review each application and look to provide funding to the most needy applicants as well as pets that have a “realistic” chance for a positive outcome.

Can I use the RCF website to gather information on cancer?
Not only can you use our site to gather information, but we encourage you to do so. We want the RCF website to be a community where people gather information, share ideas and their experiences.

Can I donate money to RCF even if I do not have a sick pet?
Yes. We encourage you to find a pet on our site that needs treatment and whose family is in need of help with their treatment funding. You will be able to follow the progress of the pet and watch how your donation has helped.