We look forward to partnering with you to help your client afford the life saving treatment offered at your hospital.

The Riedel and Cody Fund is a non-profit organized to provide funding for owners who have a pet diagnosed with cancer and cannot afford to pay for the treatment. All grant requests are reviewed based on established criteria within our organization which includes personal/financial as well as medical considerations. As part of this grant process we require information about the diagnosis and treatment costs. Please submit the information requested below by the treating veterinary oncologist or hospital administrator. Once we receive this information we will begin the review process for the grant request.

Funding Guidelines

(1) We do not fund for treatments or surgeries which have already occurred.
(2) We do not pay for surgeries or procedures to determine if cancer is the diagnosis.
(3) We require that the treating veterinarian discount their charges by at least 10% to ensure our grant will cover as much as possible.
(4) Cancer diagnosis must be made by a board certified veterinary oncologist in your practice.
(5) If you receive or have been notified you may receive any other donations, grants or contributions for this client’s pet you must notify RCF of the amount.

The Review Process

Your clinic is asked to send documentation for our Medical Reviewer to use in assessing whether the applicant meets our veterinary guidelines for care. Once this information is received the applicants financial and veterinary information is reviewed by RCF board members.

Sending RCF Information for Your Client

If you receive and email requesting information for one of your clients please enter that information in the form below:

Please CLICK HERE to Submit Your Client Information

If Your Client is Approved for Funding

If your client is approved for funding you will be notified via email of the grant amount.

Sending Invoices for Payment

Please have your hospital administrator submit billing through our billing portal. Submitted billing is generally paid weekly on Friday using our bank bill payment center.

Please CLICK HERE to Submit Billing for an Approved Grant

If you have any questions please email info@riedelcody.org – thank you.

Become a Riedel and Cody approved veterinary partner and begin fundraising for your clients through our federally approved charity. The Riedel and Cody Fund will designate an account which will be used for clients who come to your hospital for treatment.

This fund will allow your hospital staff, your clients, your community to raise money which will only go towards helping those who are clients at your clinic.

All donations are tax deductible and your community will now have a way to help those who are unable to pay for the life saving treatments their companions need.